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Server rules

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These simple rules and guidelines are ment to improve the gameplay.Please try to follow so it won't be any problems.Thank you.
Players rules.
1. Do not use cheats.You will be banned.
2. Watch your language.NO SWEARING and NO OFFENSIVE WORDS adressed to aother players. You will be punished.
3. Your name must not contain offensive expressions.No more than 1 sign like ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}[]|\<>?,./ is allowed.We want to read your names, not to descifre it.
4. Do not advertise here.
5. Do not ask for admin/slot on the server. We are looking for new admins every day, so if you have what it takes, you will be noticed for sure.
6. The admins have the ultimate power on the server. What they do it's the law. If you think they abuse, please let us know, by posting here a proof of anykind(pictures, snapshots, discussions etc), anything that would support your acuses.
7. It's a free game, but on the de_ maps the Terrorist Team will not camp and will plant the bomb.After the bomb is planted, the Counter Terrorist Team will not camp and will try to defuse it. On cs_ maps, the Counter Terrorist Team will not camp and will rescue the hostagtes. The Terrorist Team will NOT kill the hostages. On the awp_ maps you are not allowed to use automatic weapons (m4a1, ak etc) and smoke grenade.

Admins rules
1. Use wisely your acces. You have the ultimate power on the serverm but wit any power comes a great responsability. You are here to make sure the rules are applied and to ensure a smooth gameplay.
2. All of your actions must be known. All the bans you give you must post them here.
3. When are more admins on the server, please talk one with another about the players and the decisions it must be taken.Use amx_chat or amx_psay commands if you have something to say to another admin.
4. Do not mess with the server settings (cvars, gameplay, restrict weapons only if necessary etc). All maps must be played to the last 5 minutes. There will be only ONE restart, but only if it's asked for. Better vote for it, after round 1 is finished.
5.Small maps like aim_, fy_, supports max 5 vs 5 players.After this number is reached, you must start a vote with multiple choises to change the current map.
6. If you suspect other admins they are using cheats, please record a demo and give it to the server administrator. Any acuses without proof will be ignored and the person will pe punished.

I hope this gives you a clear idea of what you should do. I wish you a nice game.
Good Luck and Have Fun Everyone!
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